The Easter weekend started off with a beautifully hot day in Palm Beach. My boyfriend and I hired a car and drove there in the morning to experience the unexpected views. In the heat, we walked up to Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse which is located in the north of Palm Beach.

Walking up to the lighthouse provided us with some genuinely spectacular views of the northern beaches. Just when I didn’t think Sydney could get any more beautiful, we keep coming across more trails and hikes that prove me wrong. Even though it was a bank holiday, I actually found the walk a lot quieter than what I had thought it would be.

There are two ways up to the lighthouse. A shorter one, but it is slightly harder as there are much steeper steps or a longer but smoother path to the top. We took the shorter walk up which was definitely the right choice as the views are much better (we took the easier route to go down, and it definitely wasn’t as interesting). Plus you go past this amazing set of stairs with a towering palm tree next to it. Photos are very necessary.

When you reach the top where the lighthouse is, take a breather, take a sip of water, take in the views and take some pictures!

Until the next adventure, xo

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