Let’s be real, I only came for the “Press for Champagne” button.

As soon as you step into the dining room, you leave 2017 behind. Like something out of The Great Gatsby, the art deco interiors transports your soul to a past life. The colours inside are ostentatious and theatrical, perfect for a special night out. The Blue Dining Room was designed by David Collins who clearly left no detail unthought of. My photos do not do the beauty of this restaurant any justice.

I love that every table is a booth. So cozy, like the whole place is yours and you have your own little space.

I only booked this restaurant a few days in advance and was lucky enough that they had a table. Granted, it was at 5.30pm when the restaurant opens for its dinner service, but those who know me know that I can always eat regardless of the time!

We started with the Baked Oysters Brezhnev, which are baked oysters with parmesan cheese and black truffle. My mouth is watering from just the memory of the taste.

It was a tough choice for the main course. But as the Beef Wellington had been recommended, we decided to go for it. You have to wait at least 45 minutes whilst they prepare it, so of course we had to order Lobster Macaroni and Cheese in the meantime. I love the creaminess of the cheese with the taste of lobster. Every drop was mopped up with bread.

The look in my eyes every time a waiter walked past with food. Is it ours?

But the wait was worth it. The Beef Wellington came out and was certainly a sight to behold. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the whole thing before the waiter sliced it up, but I’m sure a quick search will bring up many pictures.

I’d never normally order something like this, and I am so glad that we did this time. At £46.50 per person (the dish is for two people), it is definitely something to be kept for special occasions. The pastry, with its beautiful lattice design, was crispy on the outside, soft and brimming with flavour on the inside. Hiding away inside is the perfectly pink 28 day aged beef. Oh, and did I mention that it comes with truffle gravy? Needless to say, I was stuffed! Why did I choose this evening to wear a tight bodysuit? But as always… there must be room for dessert!

For years I have seen pictures/videos/boomerangs of the Signature Chocolate Glory across various social media platforms, so it was very exciting to finally get to try it myself. Without even having to ask, our waitress already knew to wait for me to be ready with my camera before she started pouring the warm chocolate. The staff clearly know whats up.
Whilst I think the dessert looks better than it tastes (I’m not particularly a chocolate fan), I know many would disagree. The tart sourness of raspberries and passionfruit always complement chocolate so well.

Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James St
London, W1F 9DF


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