Kind of cool, kind of swanky, kind of tongue-in-cheek, Ms. G’s is a very tasty place for a fun dinner with friends.

The Food

Opting for the banquet menu (a set menu which showcases their signature dishes, $67 per head – min 4 people), we were not short of flavours this evening.

We started with the kingfish sashimi with ponzu sauce and cheeseburger spring rolls. These were actually my favourite dishes of the night, so I definitely started the meal on a high. The sashimi was subtle but distinct, and the spring rolls pretty much tasted like McDonald’s cheeseburgers… I mean, it doesn’t really get better than the iconic flavour of your childhood (I’m clearly an easy girl to please, just take me to McDonald’s).

Next came the mini chicken katsu bánh mì & burrata, “strange flavour style” sesame sauce, chilli oil, spinach and peanuts. The little burger bun style bánh mì was nice but nothing special, perhaps because I am not a true chicken katsu fan… and I would have enjoyed a traditional bánh mì in the crispy baguette more.

The burrata was very good! Something I have not had before and would happily order again. Plus I really enjoyed its presentation.

The salad, an appreciated vegetable dish in my opinion, unfortunately, did not hold much of my attention. I don’t think the flavours were enough to compete with the other truly eye-widening dishes from the menu. However, I very much enjoyed the brussel sprouts and rice cakes as I am a fan of that slightly roasted, charred taste.

When the ribs came out, I was getting to that stage where I wanted to loosen my belt a notch. So. Much. Food. I could only eat one, but they were very lovely, sticky and sweet.

The final of the main dishes were the Peking style lamb pancakes. These were excellent – the lamb was so soft and very rich. I only wish I wasn’t so full by the time it made its way out to us. My only complaint is that we were not given enough pancakes, and when we asked to order some more, we had to wait quite a few minutes meaning the lamb grew colder.

And finally, dessert. One entitled, “Stoner’s Delight part 3”, and quite aptly so. This consisted of doughnut ice cream, raspberry curd, peanut dulce de leche, peanut & pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, mars bar brownie, potato chips & deep-fried Nutella. A sweet tooth’s wet dream, a diabetic’s worst nightmare. My gosh, this was good. The different textures of the crunchy pretzel, smooth ice cream, warm Nutella, crispy potato chips, and sour raspberry certainly tantalised.

The second dessert, “The Golden Apple”, is made of green tea choux, jackfruit mousse, custard apple & frozen lime custard. Not as sweet as the first but still very delicious.

The Ambiance

As far as lively & fun dinners go, Ms. G is definitely high on my list. We were surrounded by first dates, young couples, groups of girlfriends enjoying a meal before a night out – this place fit the bill of having an energetic vibe. The music is loud, the plates are mismatched, the interior is dark and street inspired. Celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just come here to enjoy seriously tasty food in a fun environment with friendly staff and graffiti on the walls.

Ms. G’s

155 Victoria St, Potts Point NSW 2011


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