I have a confession to make: I love self-help books. Life is so beautiful, but it’s also so difficult and tough. These books help to give me the strength to take on the day. Throughout all of the books I have read, one thing remains constant; showing daily gratitude. And as a sucker for self improvement & self development, I have really been trying to focus on this.

‘Change your mindset, change your life’

This quote has been around forever, and it is certainly one that I have so easily brushed aside and not given another thought to in the past.

But recently this quote has really resonated with me due to its sheer simplicity. You may not be able to control what happens to you, but you can control how you think about it and how you react to it. Everything is all in your mind, and you have the power to control it.

It’s so easy to be weighed down by all the crappy things that happen day to day. Maybe you left your umbrella at home and got rained on, or the train was delayed and you’re packed on like sardines for the rest of the commute. Where are the good things that you can be grateful for in these situations? Believe me, I have been there and I know that we all have those days. When a terrible day just gets worse by things that are out of our control. But when I took a step back and realised what I did have, my mood completely changed.

I realised that I have a home, a roof over my head and so many things inside of that home to keep me warm and dry. Yes the commute to work sucked, but at least I have a job that pays me decently enough to live a comfortable life. What about all the people in the world that don’t have either of these things?

There are so many situations where I easily become a ball of stressed out negative energy that could ruin anyone’s day, but then I stop, take a deep breath and look at the wider picture. I remember how lucky I am & how I have so much to be thankful for. Of course this doesn’t work all the time, but it’s all about the progress.

Finding that switch in mentality has changed my outlook on life. I choose to look for things everyday that I am grateful for, and this has slowly made me become a more positive person.

The most wonderful part of this is, I’ve only just begun this gratitude journey and I can already feel the changes it has been making on my mood and the way to speak to other people. Good energy breeds good energy. And did you know that there are so many more health benefits gratitude has?

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Top & Skirt: Forever 21

Of course it hasn’t all been positive vibes and happy thoughts, but that’s life and life is never going to be 100% positive (I have some further thoughts on happiness that I might expand into a blog post). It’s still a work in progress, will always be a work in progress, but I’m happy to know that I’m making conscious steps to just be better. I’m trying my hardest to become the person that I want to become.

Thank you for reading. x


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