the pangaia tracksuit set

It took a long time to convert to sweatpants. A personal thing really, I just don't like feeling 'sloppy'. But having seen so many girls look so good and actually quite put together in sweatpants, I thought now is as good a time as any to dip my toe into the sweatpant pool. I've always been a fan of the athleisure look, but never thought I could make it work for my style and my wardrobe.

Finally, I've found a pair that I love and don't feel totally gross in. My bank account is angry at this whole new section of my wardrobe that I can invest in. The search for the next perfect pair continues. There are some really great options around, I just never bothered looking in that category before. Sharing some that I have found below.

Wearing a set from The Pangaia in the colour stone.


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