What is it about these sneakers? Old Skool Vans, they are the ultimate cool kid shoe. Streamlined enough to wear with smart trousers, stylish enough to wear throughout the weekend, the versatility is endless. Dare I say it, I think they are cooler than Stan Smiths.

I hope I’m not late to the Vans party, but can you be late to the party with a shoe that doesn’t go out of style? In fact, I remember wearing these when I was 14, so maybe I never really left the party. I’m sure my checkered ones are tucked away somewhere, like a lost relic waiting to be discovered.

Unbelievably affordable, weirdly versatile and with the ability to give the cool factor to any outfit… why did I debate rebuying these for so long?

Some inspiration below of how I’d like to style these.

Of course, I had to include Vanessa Hong, a long-standing style inspiration who I have been following since I was at university. I remember all those years ago taking a picture of her short bob to the hairdressers. Needless to say, I didn’t quite end up looking as effortlessly chic as her – but I still have hope these Old Skool Vans will get me at least halfway.


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