With all the craziness of moving to Sydney in February of this year, December and January were spent trying to tie up my loose ends in London and packing up my belongings. Due to this, my usual end of year goal setting didn't quite happen and to be quite honest, I've been putting it off until now. So here we are, further into the year than I care to imagine and I'm setting my intentions and goals until 2018 comes to a close.

Develop My Friendships

I've never really been that good at making friends. I'm the type of person that mostly keeps to myself and doesn't give too much away unless asked, but moving to a new country where I don't know that many people has meant that I need to push through the barrier in my head and actually really try to make friends. I want more conversations that are deeper than just asking about how someone's weekend was. I really want to create meaningful connections here in Sydney and know that my time here wasn't wasted.

At the same time, I want to make sure that I don't neglect any of the friendships that I have back in London. Luckily, we live in an age where communication is so available to us through Whatsapp, Instagram messaging etc. At the same time, we often take that for granted - I am certainly guilty of this and have sometimes read a message from someone and thought that I will reply later, only to end up forgetting for days! I'm working on getting better.


Keep Trying New Things

So for the most part, I think that I have achieved quite a lot this year in terms of new things.

Moving to Sydney was certainly a new and exciting change in my life, as is finally moving in with my boyfriend now that I am here. I've also been trying to keep up this blog and grow my Instagram account, looking at things in a new and more creative perspective.

I just need to ensure that I don't settle and get comfortable, but keep moving forward and trying new activities and meeting new people. Isn't that the reason I moved country anyway? I haven't told many people this, but way back in March I attended the We Are Travel Girls meet up. Yep, I went to a meet up all by myself where I didn't know anyone! For an introvert like myself, this was a really big deal and I'm still proud of myself for going there on my own. The evening was great and I met a few ladies that I am still in contact with. It just made me realise that networking with people is not scary at all, it's just the fear that builds up in your head that stops you. Something that I have to keep reminding myself.


Maintain Focus

I'm extremely easily distracted. Especially when trying to blog. I get stuck in endless clicking of link into link into link... I believe this is also called procrastination, an activity I have been well versed in since the all-nighter days of school assignments. It's a bad habit that I am trying to break, and something that will take time. But with the practice of being mindful of my tasks at hand, I believe that this is something I can overcome.

Maintaining focus also lends itself to habits like eating healthy and working out. By maintaining focus on these good habits, I believe that I can reach my goals.


Do Everything With Love

This is something that I have discussed with my boyfriend recently. There are so many mundane aspects that we have to go through in life, many of which are inevitable chores that we simply do not want to do. But you know what? We have to do them anyway, so we might as well do them with love and passion. This conversation came about from a very mundane gym session that we had one weekday evening. We just weren't feeling it, it was one of those nights. But then afterwards we realised that we were going to be spending our time there anyway, so we might as well do it as well as we can. The same goes for cleaning the dishes or going grocery shopping. If you have to do it anyway, then you may as well put your heart into it and enjoy the moment and the process.


Thank you for reading and good luck with whatever you are focussing on for the rest of 2018. xo

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