There are many boxes that need to be ticked when you are looking for the perfect leather boot, and I’m pretty sure that The Boss Boot from Everlane ticks about 95% of them.

I thought that perfection in a black bootie did not exist. I’d seen it come close maybe once or twice, but mostly at a price range that I could never justify at the time (Acne Jensen, anyone?). I’m all for investing in high-quality pieces that are timeless, but there are some prices in the fashion world that I find are sometimes not necessary given that you can get something similar for a much lower price point.

I vividly remember seeing these boots from Everlane when they launched around Autumn time last year when I was still living in London. My heart started speeding up, a gasp and salivation, palms started to sweat and hands trembled as they scrolled through the images, then the sudden heartache and disappointment upon realising that Everlane don’t ship to the UK. Fast forward half a year, a move to Sydney, not packing any leather boots, my birthday last month, winter coming up, and the stars finally aligned.

Since receiving these in the post, I’ve been putting them through their paces and wearing them with everything from denim jeans to dresses so that I could share with you my thoughts on their design, fit, comfort and overall quality.


A boot like this in my wardrobe has to be able to work with a lot of my outfits. It has to be structured and smart, but also cool, young and edgy, and The Boss Boot is just that. The pointed toe makes the boot streamlined and elongates the legs, whilst the heel is just high enough to give some elevation without being a heeled boot.

The pebbled leather is soft, yet still has an enduring structure to it. I feel as if the shape of these boots will hold nicely even after a few seasons in them. Note that these pictures have been taken after I have worn them, hence the creases.

The overall shape of these boots works so well – it’s neither round nor too square, the boot stops at a good height on my legs, and the pull tabs are such a cool detail (I don’t think I would actually utilise them). Silver hardware makes the boot look expensive and contemporary. I also love that the boot doesn’t taper in as it comes up towards the ankle, as I find that a lot of ankle boots do that, and it makes my calves look much thicker.


I bravely wore these for the first time on an 8 hour shift, working on my feet all day. I know, it really could have killed me and I played a risky game of losing my little toes, but it was all in the name of science really. I mean, how else could I have given a truly in-depth review otherwise? At the end of my shift, my feet were a little tired, I wouldn’t say they were sore but certainly tired. I was surprised at how comfortable the little heel was, especially after wearing them without breaking them in yet. Despite having wide feet and the boots having a pointed toe, no parts of my feet rubbed the boots in any wrong way and no plasters were needed. I even had three people ask me where they were from – a testament to how universally cool they look.

I have worn them about four times now, each time for a good 8 hours on my feet each. I can say that they have moulded into the shape of my foot and are starting to get more comfortable now.

These are a boot that will definitely get you from day to night because who wants to carry around another pair of shoes with them? I can’t wait for it to start warming up a little so that I can wear with shorter skirts and bare legs. I’m already planning outfits in them despite it not being weather appropriate at the moment – you know that’s a sign of a good wardrobe piece.

Are you looking for the perfect boot? Get yours from Everlane here.


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