Skincare has the tendency to become rather pricey. Especially when you love trying and testing new products, as I do. So here's my pro tip: Buy the travel sized kits! Often you get a bigger variety of products for your money, and you are able to test them out without committing to the full size. Here I tried out The Rodial Heroes Collection.


The collection comes with 4 bestselling products from across different Rodial ranges. For me, this was great as I had always wanted to try Rodial, but was a little bit overwhelmed by the number of products they have. I knew that Rodial is most known for their 'Dragon's Blood' products but aside from that, I wasn't sure where to begin. So when I saw this starter kit, I was immediately drawn to it.

Within the kit is: (taken from the Rodial website)

  • Stemcell Super-Food Cleanser (50ml): A nourishing dual-action cleansing cream with advanced stemcell technology from the PhytoCellTec Alp Rose. A potent super food complex of anti-oxidants, coconut oil, rose hip oil, rose wax and cocoa butter gently cleanses and feeds essential nutrients to the skin for instant relief of dehydrated complexions. Comes with a cotton muslin cloth.
  • Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel (20ml): A resurfacing facial peel containing azelaic, glycolic and lactic acids that exfoliate and retexture the skin. Helps to reveal the new skin underneath and brightens and refines the complexion whilst protecting the skin from external aggressors through probiotic technology.
  • Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel (9ml): The bestseller from the Dragon's Blood range, the sculpting gel helps to plump the skin and define facial contours whilst our unique Dragon's Blood complex (sap from Croton Lechleri tree) protects and reduces any redness and inflammation.
  • Bee Venom Moisturiser (15ml): This luxurious creamy moisturiser contains bee venom which helps to plump the skin and smoothes away the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Bee venom works in synergy with complex plant extracts to improve skin elasticity for a lifting effect.

It has been about 2 weeks now that I have been testing these products and I can safely say that I have actually really enjoyed using all of these products so far. My favourites are the cleanser (which can also be used as a mask), and the Dragon's Blood Sculpting Gel.

After using the cleanser my skin feels so soft and ready for the day. I've been working a lot of 6am - 3pm shifts lately, and this product has definitely been helping reduce the lacklustre effect that the lack of sleep would have been taking on my skin. My skin feels ready for make up, and I have found that my make up has been sitting very nicely after this cleansing.

Additionally, The Dragon's Blood Gel feels very smooth after I apply it to my face. I really like the way it sinks into my skin as I apply this before my sunscreen. Whilst I can't say I have seen it plump my skin the way it claims to, I do feel as is my skin is stronger. Not to mention the airless pump that the product comes in. Love this!

I really like the thick texture of The Bee Venom Moisturiser, and I like that despite its thickness, it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. However, one thing I just can't get behind is the smell of the cream. If something doesn't smell good, I'm just not going to enjoy using it.

Lastly, the Super Acids X-treme Acid Rush Peel. It is recommended that you use this twice a week, which I have not been doing (oops). So far I think I have only used this once. It did give me a brighter complexion after using it, but aside from that, I'm not sure I felt a big difference. Perhaps it is something I need to carry on with.

Rodial is also a cruelty-free brand which is actually something that I am just trying to be more aware and more mindful of. Recently, I have realised that a lot of my make-up and current skincare is actually not cruelty-free, and this is something that I am slowly going to try and change. Unfortunately, I just don't feel like I can immediately throw out all the products I own that are not cruelty-free as that would be a lot of money gone, but I am certainly making the change to only buy cruelty-free products from now on.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Thank you for reading.


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