What first felt like an extended holiday has now slowly turned into a more permanent state of mind.

My emotions in February have had the most intense ups and downs. Deeps lows came from saying goodbye to my friends and big brother in London, then travelling to Malaysia to say goodbye to my parents.

Of course, with sadness, there have also been some very joyful moments. Being reunited with my boyfriend and starting a new life in Sydney, discovering new and beautiful places, eating the most amazing food, and meeting some really lovely and friendly people.

It has been 3 weeks here now; I think I have finally just started to settle in a little bit.

The flat still needs to be furnished, but we are getting round to it slowly. Our current set up is a mattress on the living room floor in front of the TV, with the bedroom being used as storage space.

I’m still working out where everything is around me and how long it takes to get everywhere. With the help of Classpass, I am booking yoga and pilates classes around the area and enjoying the sunny walks to them.

Going to the gym & working out has also been quite a big focus recently as well. There’s nothing more important than keeping your body healthy. Until our consciousness can be put into another vessel, this is the only one that is keeping us here on this planet, and I want to keep it going as best as it can.

It’s easy to get a little stuck when you don’t have a solid routine. I’m so used to going into an office every day and having that structure – but the realisation that all of my time now belongs to me has really got me excited.

I’m trying to give myself a bit of a routine (still working on it!), building good habits is really important to me at the moment. As cheesy as it is true, I want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

Just a small recap of February for now, I’m hoping to build this blog up a bit, connect with fellow bloggers and post a little more regularly.

Adeline x


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